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Electronic registry
Document flow

иконка выбора

Software development

иконка выбора

Website development

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Software development

Individual development of software products which fully meet the wishes, preferences, and the specifics of the client. Reliable software is vitally important for successful activity of any organization, institution, enterprise, concern or small, medium or big business. We provide qualified assistance at all stages of the software development. We have the experience in the creation and implementation of software products in various areas: for medical institutions, government institutions, government services, large, medium and small enterprises. In addition, we give support and maintenance to our customers in the future, which allows to further develop the software.

Creation of sites, internet shops,
virtual tours

Website creation today is one of the most important components of the marketing promotion of a corporation, an organization, a small firm or a small business entity.

The company Astum provides services for the creation of design and programming site.

We also offer the creation of a website for the sale of goods on the Internet - an online store that has recently become one of the most promising ways to develop and conduct business while reducing costs and increasing profits.

Our company offers the creation of virtual tours, which are currently one of the most advanced tools for presenting and promoting business on the Internet.

Virtual tours can be very useful in many areas, where the visual representation of an object is important and necessary. Virtual tours are particularly widely used in the countries of the European Union and America.

The finish products


Electronic medical system

SimplexMed is a Windows-application which allows to automate the process registration and accounting of patients and operational management of patient’s medical appointments, taking into account the workload of doctors.

Functions of the system:

  • schedule of doctors;
  • accounting of patients;
  • recording patients to medical appointments;
  • HR management;
  • accounting of services;
  • confirmation visits and reminders to patients;
  • administration and audit.

The finish products

Document flow

Electronic document flow includes a general electronic document of organization and specialized areas of motion control documents in departments.

Business process automation:

  • registration of documents;
  • preparation of documents from templates;
  • document approval;
  • production of documents for control, execution and execution control;
  • full-text and attributive search;
  • electronic digital signature;
  • barcodes on the documents, and a quick search of the document for barcode.


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